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FRIDAY MAY 19, 2017 1:00PM
The pace of this film is unreal but as the story unfolds it is apparent that speed and greed are accurately portrayed and the rush of consumerism is indeed as grotesque as the film illustrates. A trader on Wall Street states unabashedly “making lots of money is the job description of traders’ work, requiring forced consumerism”. It is common knowledge that the bribing of congress people on the hill by lobbyists results in perverse laws favoring the rich and sadly, seeing no end to this ravenous behavior is painful indeed.
The last part holds some hope so stay tuned next week as well. In collaboration with the Social Justice Center of Marin 
CMCM, Community Media Center of Marin, Channel #26 or AT&T 99 to view the film, or watch live via the web at
Friday, May 19, 10 AM
Single Payer
SB 562 Lobby Day. Come to Sacramento
It is the first day of the three-day state Democratic Party convention. We will get the message out to lawmakers and party delegates: No more waiting, no more excuses, no more wasted lives and money. Now is the time for guaranteed health care in California.
1 p.m. Gather near the West steps of the Capitol, 1315 10th Street. Have lunch* and sign up for leg visits. Fan out to legislators' offices. Meet with lawmakers or aides, drop off SB 562 info packets. Mingle and exchange ideas with other activists.
5 p.m. Rally / March to the convention center.
7 p.m. Buses head back home.
The chartered bus* closest to Marin will leave at 11 a.m. from the East Bay, at 4500 MacDonald/42nd Street, Richmond (near Target). You can carpool across the bridge with Health Care for All-Marin. Meet at the north end of the parking lot of Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista, Corte Madera. We'll leave at 10 a.m. Contact Ellen Karel (below) if you plan to carpool. (Drivers?)
Important: You must RSVP directly to the campaign by this Wednesday to reserve a seat on the bus. Try this link:   If it doesn't work, go to the campaign website: and click on the events calendar. Be sure to choose the Richmond location.
* Lunch and buses compliments of the California Nurses Association.

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